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CMC has been able to rely on a stable team since company foundation and today numbers 18 persons. Our leading Chinese staff speak fluent German and English and have been employed at CMC/HUADE for more than 20 years. These Chinese staff members also studied and worked in Germany for a while, something which has provided them with a good understanding of the German culture and business practice.

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Jürgen Hungerbach

Managing Director at CMC, more than 30 years’ experience with Chinese business


Patrick Hungerbach

Managing Director at CMC, experience in both procurement as well as sales markets in China since 1993


Zhou Jian Jun

Managing Director at HUADE, self-employed entrepreneur/partner at CMC since 1994 and consultant for the Chinese business


Zhou Ya Ming

Project Manager, industrial experience and consultancy work in China since 1986; a part of the team since 1994